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File Size: 612.85 KB
Date Added: 2015-06-01
Rating: 50%
Played: 2113

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As a simple idle game, Beez is all about gathering honey from cells and conquering hives! How to control the game smoothly? Come here for the ultimate answer!

Landing on the game, players must remember that clicking a cell shall make it fill faster, while each cell may be quite upgraded. When a cell is clicked, you will then access the upgrades. Current level and "XP process" are also shown at the top of the screen, whereas money & cash per second will be displayed its left side. After 30 seconds, the game shall be well saved for later playback. Don't forget to use the earnings to buy bees, cells, upgrades and layers. Plus, CPS, layers, level, XP, money, hives conquered, colony strength, and total achievements will also be available as high scores.

Beez is so intrigued that players can wish to play it right away. Enter here with great preparation!

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