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Egg Knight

File Size: 3.52 MB
Date Added: 2015-06-23
Rating: 71%
Played: 1936

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As a strategy action game, Egg Knight tells about a little boy who has just dealt with a magical egg! Many unbelievable things have recently happened, so come here!

So what is hidden in the egg? Wow, there is a hero living inside it. One day, Kew fortunately discovered it; hence, he becomes the owner of the egg and the Knight. But he does not know that many bad creatures from the Dark Force are also thirsty for the egg; and they're now setting a plan to steal it. Don't hesitate to lend Kew a hand, dear gamers! In each stage, please deploy a wise strategy, coupled with equipping the Knight with advanced equipment to battle against the Dark Army. Earn Pence(s) as many as possible to buy weapons for the incoming fights. Focus on the hero's Health Bar to seize the current condition.

Remember to build your own troops! Thanks to the Arcana skill, do best to lead your Egg Knight to the gorgeous victory!

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