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Play Shape Fold Animals

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Shape Fold Animals

File Size: 3.78 MB
Date Added: 2015-07-09
Rating: 75%
Played: 2792

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All of you have played the 'folding paper' game (at least once) before, right? But, can you imagine what it will be when being played on the PC? Land on Shape Fold Animals and enjoy this classic game now!

In here, the gamers can make any animal they like, such as a crane, a pig, or a frog, a bear, a snake, and more. Seems fun, huh? Take this chance to show off your skill in folding! Are you ready to perform the challenging yet engaging stages? The crucial goal is to fold and arrange all the random papers on the playing field in an exact way to form a certain animal completely. All you must do is – dragging and putting each piece into the right position. Once correcting, players will earn 1 precious point and unlock a new animal. Visit here to train your agility and the knowledge about the animal's world.

With a friendly interface, Shape Fold Animals can be enjoyed by anybody from all ages. Let's set a high score!

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