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Zombie And Juliet

File Size: 13.93 MB
Date Added: 2016-01-02
Rating: 80%
Played: 1603

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Zombie And Juliet is listed as an action-filled scrolling zombie adventure game. After Romeo's death, Juliet feels desperate and hopeless. Please help the heroine to save her sweetheart from a horrible end. Come on!

After sipping a cup of poison, Romeo died. However, Juliet does not accept the truth. She has a plan for "a romantic death" through kissing him on the lips. But her action is interrupted once the king of the castle, named Balthazar, arrives on the scene. More amazingly, it is found that Romeo may still be saved, but only if she may bring back the soul gem from Southern Demon Lord. Begin the adventure by selecting a weapon in the headquarters. It is possible to figure out things you have earned here (i.e. witchcraft). Then, try best to defeat the lord of the underworld in order that Romeo can be resurrected. Don't forget to learn magic and other skills to make your battle smoother.

Though Juliet is a brave girl, she also needs others' support to win the combat. Enter Zombie And Juliet with confidence!

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